The yin and yang of small town living

It hasn’t even been a week and we are already into the Sun Valley groove. My homemade calendar that I do every summer has been created and the ‘To Do’ list for last minute plans has been started. I am so inspired by all there is to do in a mountain town in the summer – especially Sun Valley. There are an infinite number of opportunities to be in nature, exercise, listen to inspiring lectures, summer camps for kids and ways to be creative artistically.

I guess nothing is perfect and yesterday I experienced just that. Driving. The flip side to small town living is that you must get in your car and drive, and drive, and drive to get to, well, anywhere else. Yesterday I needed to go to Target and Costco for various things you need when you move including food at a reasonable price. This used to take 3 minutes each way as Target and Costco were literally around the corner. Three hours. It took one and a half hours each way to go shopping for kids’ summer clothes, organizing baskets, food, cleaning materials, soap, etc. I didn’t get to exercise, be outside, or create anything.

The yin and yang. The calendar and things to do might be the same but we are not on vacation in Sun Valley this time. It is real life and real life requires that you don’t spend double the price on things you might need. So I will need to dedicate some ‘days’ to hunting and gathering for provisions.

Today, we are going to plant some flowers. First, a 30 minute drive to the nursery that has reasonable prices.


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