The Sage is Back

The Sage is Back

The winter snow and ice are slowly receding, replaced by new sprouts of grass, extensions on branches and small signs that new beginnings are possible.

Winter in Sun Valley can be magical, enchanting and cozy or it can be so cold and arid that your only choice is to draw in all that you hold dear and brace yourself until Spring. This year we have experienced both versions of living in the Rocky Mountains from complete euphoria to the head down, keep going perspective.

December brought lots of snow and the opening of ski season. My girls started ski team and I was off skate skiing on the endless trails in the Valley. We spent the Christmas break in Gig Harbor seeing family and friends as much as we could. Being home was like balm to very cold souls. Even the rain seemed a littler gentler after experiencing the harsh temperatures in the mountains.

The Valley was in a deep freeze in January and February. I don’t say this lightly… -24 degrees type temperatures… Yikes! So cold that the inside of my car windows needed to be scraped of ice and frost. Thankfully I was involved in skate and downhill ski groups, otherwise I might not have left my house. Once outside and dressed appropriately, Sun Valley gets magical again. The trickling water through sheets of ice covering the tops of rivers and streams, the white carpet covering open fields and the deep blue skies highlighted by the magnificent sun all reminded me how important it is to be outside in nature. This was how I made it through a Rocky Mountain Winter.

Just as fast as the snow came in and covered the Valley, it has left. Two weeks ago we were preparing for a family vacation while the mornings started out at 12 degrees. There was snow on the ground, no buds on the trees and Spring seemed like a dream. One week later we came back to 62 degrees, the hiking trails dry and bare and the smell of Spring.

I have been hiking near my house every day. Each time I go out the door heading for the hill, my dog Sage ecstatic, I stop to pick a sprig of sage, roll it between my hands and smell the lovely smell of summer in the Valley. Almost there. Sage is SO happy to be back on the trail of Springtime.


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