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On July 4th my family drove to Ketchum, ID for a ONE YEAR adventure in small town living. We are pushing ‘pause’ on the suburban treadmill that we have found ourselves on to live in a place where the mountains are big, the rivers fast and the sun shines all year long.

I grew up and live in Washington State where I never tire of seeing the magnificent Mt. Rainier, the Puget Sound and the forests in the national parks so easily accessible. Over the past couple years it has gotten increasingly difficult to be an outdoor family despite living so close to nature. Two of my three girls went to school 25 minutes from our house and on a typical day would be gone for almost 9 hours when travel time was factored in. After school they were involved in 2-3 activities each, which multiplied by 3 kids is more than enough. My husband and I are a great team and it hadn’t gotten completely out of control but when you add it up, sprinkle in many cloudy, rainy days mixed with very short daylight hours, I began to feel that our vision of how we wanted to raise our children was off the rails.

The idea of pushing pause and reevaluating our goals for how we wanted to live, to raise our girls and our vision of our family in 20 years became a necessity. We have been coming to Sun Valley, ID for almost 8 years now and although we certainly could have made big changes in Washington, all stars were aligned to take our family to the mountains.

I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity to live  among aspen trees, beautiful, clean rivers and endless activities in nature. Thanks for reading my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on simple living, raising children in nature, outdoor activities or anything that comes to mind. Learning is iterative and I love to think about things in new ways.


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