We Belong Wherever We Are

It has been almost a year since we drove into Ketchum on the Fourth of July. Living in the small town with big culture called Sun Valley has been an opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity to experience community, nature and family like I haven’t before. I could not be more thankful to my husband, Bob, for making this possible by spending many nights trying to get home from obscure airports, by supporting me in all my endeavors from skiing to volunteering with a wild idea thrown in to keep things interesting, but most of all for his adventurous spirit to try out the unknown. This has been adventure number two for us. The first, moving to New Jersey arguably another country from Port Angeles, WA. The year has been an experience that all five of us will never forget – the highs and the lows. I love you to the moon and back…



Slow-er but certainly not slow…


I ended my forty-second year at home in Washington State. It was absolutely beautiful. Seattle had all it’s sparkles on starting with a surprise birthday party at The Edgewater Hotel for a friend’s 40th birthday. The water was sparkling, the sail boats were out and the giant orange sun descended behind the outline of the Olympia Mountains. These are the days when you love to say you are from The Pacific Northwest. Blue sky, sparkling water, green-green trees and the magnificent Mount Rainier. Pure heaven.

The next day I got to spend with my brother, dad, stepmom, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other close family members for dinner, a game or two and the easy chit chat that comes with knowing each other your whole life. It is easy to just ‘Be’. Love that. The next day was also full with family and friends followed by my birthday. Coincidently five friends and I had gotten tickets to see Madonna actually on my birthday. We drove to Seattle, shopped, lunched, shopped and then got ready for the big night. We started at The Dahlia Lounge before heading to the Key Arena for MDNA. It was a wonderful day…

The next couple weeks have literally been a blur – anyone else have that happen once in awhile? My husband was leaving on the same airplane that I arrived on. I went over and waved at him behind the glass and then off he went. When he got home we celebrated my birthday with a lovely cake that he and my girls baked and frosted while I was away. It was chocolate. It was delish – of course. I watched Daughter #2 play soccer and then coached my little kindergarten/1st graders. There have been hikes, skate ski training, bike rides, the Annual Trailing of the Sheep, festivals, more soccer and a little volunteering at the girls’ school. Almost forgot the Tooth Fairy came to our house for Daughter #3’s second lost tooth. Whew!

I think we are slowly getting into a rhythm of life here. It definitely is slower although clearly not slow. We are looking forward to the end of soccer practices and the beginning of the holiday season.